So this is a bit of several suggestions in one single post so please bear with me....

So first off, keep in mind that i'm not entirely aware of all kinds of promotion the game's getting in North America, however I do know that some kind of promotion is present at the very least... which isn't available elsewhere. As such the suggestion is pretty straightforward, to better promote the game have what promotion the gam has, be it ads on sites and YT, be present globally!

PhantasyStarOnline2PCHorizontalBannerAD.jpg PhantasyStarOnline2PCSquareBannerAD.jpg (Images from Sega Retro)

The other suggestion... despite the global availability, PSO2 is still not listed on any of the International Sega websites such as the UK or Australian sites like it is on the Sega of America website: SOA.png