Anyone up for advance quests? (Ship 1)

Looking for players to run advanced quests with. 3 others. For those interested who don't know what it is, we stick together and run through the whole map trying to clear spawns quick enough to start a pse burst and maintain that as long as possible to build up exp far faster than what free field maps can do for VH especially since it has a exp boost with it.

It'll probably be a little rough as we are still gearing up but that's what I think would make it fun. So if anyone is interested, my character name is Raburesu. Feel free to send me a whisper, i'll be on most of the day doing story. I'm easy going and don't take the game too seriously and won't yell at anyone for dying or messing something up. I'm after fun more than anything else. ^^

@Raburesu a little tip:

You can use your alliance points to buy 50 capsules pretty cheap and then use those capsules to +50 risk the quest you are grinding.

I did this for City Area and was exit bursting. 1 run lasted an hour an ten minutes because of all the bursting lol

@John-Paul-RAGE ^^ I done that in jp. I decided to ask her out of hopes in finding some faces to play with. Since being in such things alone can be pretty boring.