when searching a specific type of weapon duplicates shouldnt be included in the list as this take up space and the tab is limited to 20.

It Should List Uniquely Weapons. Example: At This Market Board The Player Searched Sea Food. The Duplicates Are Not Listed But A Number Is Listed Displaying How Many Duplicates Are In Stock. 5bfe301c-8181-498d-bd76-3a20a36fccac-image.png

Should A Player Be Interested In The Item They Would Click On It To View Prices Available For The Duplicates.

All Items Should Be Listed In The PS02 Market Place Whether They Are In Stock Or Not As This Gives Players To Vote On The Item They Want.

The Search Feature Could Be Improved Of Ps02 In That Display Icon Are Used Instead Of Just Texts for Items And Having A Horizontal Display Similar To Other MMo Experiences.