If you spawn it, kill it!

Just did the Recommended Expedition in Daybreak. Another player joined the MPA, he did his thing and I did mine. Then he spawned an Andajurili halfway to the other side of the map. I headed that way and he and the boss disapear into unexplored territory. I'm killing mobs and dealin with a Unite ET when notice that a Falz Angel had spawned pops up, somewhere in the fog. When I finally find the first boss it is a massive cluster F with the Andajurili, Falz Angel and another Unite ET, right at the exit to Area 2. At this time I also noticed that it was just me left on the map.

Please, if you spawn something big with other players in the MPA, at least don't drag it to the exit and leave it for them to deal with. Try to hold out so others can help take it down rather than spawn more and more as you run away.

I dont get the problem here... Kill the mobs by yourself or leave the map. Whats the deal?

I agree that it would be far nice to hold out and wait for help, but I rarely get help in a map even with other people. Only if we both happen to be in the same spot. Otherwise I'm on my own while searching for the exit. So given this seems to be the norm. Your person prolly didn't wanna deal with all that and dipped expecting others to either kill it or dip into the next map as well. That does seem to be what happens in there 90% of the time.

Unfortunately you can’t count on help out in expeditions like Daybreak so in this case it’s better to run for it. If it were another game then I’d wait for more players to jump in but people just want to clear as soon as possible once they reach their goal. I agree it sucks.

The majority of the time, people dash to the boss, No one has to kill anything as it's usually a waste of time if they aren't there for kill count, You can just restart the map if a boss is too difficult for you to kill quickly, like a rational player would.

I guess it is a difference in pley style. I like to kill them and I don't see many left running loose, especially multiple gathered like this. I managed to kill them anyway.

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I guess it is a difference in play style. I like to kill them and I don't see many left running loose, especially multiple gathered like this. I managed to kill them anyway.

I know how you feel. This is what I do as well.

Dark ragnes are popular choices for the "it's the next guy's problem" thing. I've encountered some like that.

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Recommended Expedition

This is probably why, people just want to do the bare minimum and be done with it. Kill enough to get S/A rank - kill the mobs needed to maintain daily boost, go in boss room and finish.

By the time you get to the level cap and you get even remotely decent gear, you become so OP for anything you come across in recommend and daily’s, that you can basically kill everything instantly.

One of the main reasons people rush recommend and daily’s, is cause they run these in multiple chars, some people have 20 chars, expecting people to kill every single mob on their way through on the off chance someone wants to kill or struggles to kill something on the map, is completely unreasonable. Even rushing daily’s can still take a decent chunk of time, if people had to start making sure they killed everything, you are going to be doubling that time at least.

I make it a point to kill everything. Daily quests have those client orders and I select them all and try to do as many as possible which requires me to kill everything I possibly can. Gotta get that exp. I can see though why someone fully leveled might wanna rush through it. I usually do the dailies on one of my low level alts so I don't run into the temptation to do that.

@Onyx-Grimoire Yeah, i saw someone get captured by a fanghee (or whatever its name is) and they got teleported to a dark ragnes position. Needless to say that they didn't make it. Also just today i saw someone get captured twice in a row by one. Must have sucked. I hate those damn things.

You can fight your way out from the inside of it. But the idea is that the others in the instance are supposed to help you outta there.

I think they can only appear if there are others in the map. Also, the Luther dark blast kills them super quickly.

Blade Bash on sword also does disproportionately high damage. It's like 2 or 3 full charged Rising Edges worth in that one smack.