best way to get the void fragments?

i only need 60 or so void erebite fragments to get my second to last upgrade.. made a mistake and didn't realize i didn't have to spend void fragments for the weapon (+5 more) from zig.. so wasted quite a few on initial purchase/5 more to get to +35.. hoping i didn't screw myself and essentially cost myself a bunch of time due to their limited supply..

soo, any advice on obtaining these last 60 fragments.. hopefully today sometime..

i've spent all day doing the rest of the work.. all i have left is these 60 fragments and i will be able to finish this upgrade path

Im not an expert. But iirc, doing the new Luther Persona UQ gives some of those fragments. And the Mission Pass also gives some.

Edit: fixed Error, its the Persona UQ, not Luther.

As far as I know the only way to get these fragments is to fight Dark Falz [Persona] or to wait for a handout of some sort (like the Mission Pass, future events that reward the Void Erebite Stones, and other catch-up events).

Hopefully you can find a session of people running Trigger Quests and jump into the fights when you can.

Right,thats what i meant... Persona! Not Luther UQ! Sorry

@WoollierTiara12 Only ways as far as im aware is either get the from the mission pass, Persona 12man or 4man UQ 4man rewards a bit more (like 9 or 10 per run) and you can buy the 4man off of the Personal Shop (not that cheap tho)

okey, that's what i was afraid of.. guess it's still a long grind yet lol

thank you all for your time 😄

good luck out there now that the sixth is upon us

Your now able to buy “the malevolent void “ trigger in the badge shop with RWB4. You’ll need another 300 to upgrade the trailblazer units as well