PSA: trade in thanksgiving badge

@Vexation Time to get fat.

@Vexation It won't work, Roasted Turkey expires with the event.

Tis not what Keroppi said. Should be okay as long as you use it the buff should remain. But perhaps he's wrong. @Kodiakmax-101

The roasted Turkeys expires the day after the event from the dates and time that I am reading in game not sure about the trick for using the boost just before it ends for the 2hrs. worth trying tho what else are we going to use them for lol Event : 12 08 2300 Turkeys: 12 9 1600

@Essadis911 I think the time they expire is probably when they expect the maintenance to end. This is just my guess though.

You stack turkey boost by using one, waiting like 5 seconds, using another, and so on. It was the same thing for the previous seasonal events with booster items. You don't have to do it right before the event ends either since it doesn't tick down when you're not in a mission.

Last day don’t forget

@Vexation I thought you were talking about trading for a stockpile of turkey, not stacking the buff, sorry.

Guess it's time to gorge myself on turkey and swap over two thousand badges.