PSA: trade in thanksgiving badge

Don’t forget to trade in your thanksgiving badges by tomorrow

EEK! Thanks I actually forgot.

There’s always ppl that forget that’s why I posted it lol

I really screwed myself in July and forgot to trade in 790 badges. Don't be me!

Aw crum! Thanks for reminding me. I have these stupid things scattered around all my alts, I wish I was more organized.

Material Storage, Godsend for Mats and can be used from storage. Worth the 300/month 720/3 months SG cost.

I already have been trading them all in since I have nothing else to use them on.

Funny thing is I remembered with Glory Badge and traded in all but 50 so I would have a souvenir. But then they forgot to take VR off the unscheduled rotation for a bit so I ended up with a few more anyway!

Good advice though.

Will we be able to sell the expired turkey or should we sell it before it expires?

@Weirdo I'd probably get rid of it before it expires. You have one more day, so use it wisely.

@Anarchy-Marine That is about what I would expect. I was just wondering in case there were items like this in the past.

@Weirdo Well definitely use your badges. One player got stuck with 400 of them from the Fourth of July event, and there was no place to trade them in.

@Anarchy-Marine I have been trading them in for rising weapons badge 4's for over a week now. Every last one of them since I ran out of other junk to get from the exchange.

@Weirdo Thats what I've been doing as soon as I get them.

For the roasted turkey's you can actually use multiples of them and stack them up to two hours worth. They only consume the time when your actually in a mission and stop using time on the ship. So you can use them past the expiration date that way. An extra little triboost for you.