Random Disconnects

Seems the last few days running Limited Time Quests, I get randomly disconnected with a message PSO2 not responsive, this has now happened at least 10 times, either at the beginning of the quest, or right at the last area boss arena. Side note: My internet connection is not dropping.

This happened rarely before the last game update released, now it's becoming a daily thing, even after reinstalling the game (and deleting the left over files after uninstall) Has anyone else been having this happen and is there a fix?

Does it give an error code # ?

I'm also getting randomly disconnected lately. Even though my connection is fine, I'll be met with a very sudden error 630 during while playing.

Probably nothing we can do other than hope SEGA will fix this issue.

I too will get randomly DC'd and I know it's not my internet cause the other half will be playing right beside me and be fine. Only happened during a mission once usually I was in the lobby so it wasn't hard to just re-enter the game but I do fear it'lll happen when I'm trying to do something important.

That happened a few times to me too. But i didnt do the Limited quest, it happened while i was in lobby, expedition and persona UQ

No Response from PSO2server


No response PSO2 server. Returning to title screen.

*Please visit the Player's Site for troubleshooting tips and more information on errors

OK where the heck is the troubleshooting tips ?

Looked at other forum posts on this ongoing issue, SEGA is aware of it but won't do anything to fix it in global version, software bug, that triggers for most players when getting to the end of a UQ, LTQ (limited time quest) or at the very start, waste 10 minutes running something just to get denied loot at the end, I am guessing other players like me get a little miffed at this issue.

Happens to me all the time in the style shop. I start to change my character looks and get disconnected with 630 error. But outside it there very rare to get them for me.

Fresh windows install and I mean fresh, total reinstall of OS on cleaned drive, all drivers updated, newest update for windows, and still getting the random disconnects. It is on the server end. wish SEGA would fix this issue, it is getting the the point players will leave the game and SEGA will lose money.

Dear SEGA:

How the on earth are players supposed to complete anything when getting disconnects at random times, it's like you want players to do everything over and over and over, and waste our time and rob us of loot and quest credit to weekly, daily, tier, and limited missions.

@Kittykatluver16 don't think it is a widespread problem but issues with your connection. 630 means you lost connection to the server. If it is on server end, then everyone will be getting disconnected constantly. Reinstalling windows won't fix your connection.

IT'S NOT MY CONNECTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know for a fact, I can watch movies in web browser all day and not have one drop, i can play other online games all day and not have a single drop. then explain why pso2 drops randomly and mostly night time hours

Ok, maybe I should re-word it better. It is not YOUR connection but the connection between you and the servers as you are most likely hopping through many points to get to the servers. I don't know the address of the global servers, but you can try find out and ping the servers and do network route tracing to see where you are getting lag/packetloss.

Because this is not a widespread problem - a lot of people are playing just fine without the constant DC.

If it isn't disconnects, its random game crashes (game closes to windows desktop with no error window) at the loot area at the end of a UQ, really upsetting players put time in to do the urgent quests just to walk away empty handed time and time again, SEGA needs to change this screwy rule of theirs, at least mail the items to the player on a crash or disconnect, it's to the point players will leave and take their money elsewhere.