Afin's Client Order

Hello there,

I have a problem with one of Afin's client order. Even though I have completed "Weapon Swapping is Key!", it still shows up at the left side of the screen that tells me I need to complete it. It also shows me a mark that tells me that I need to go to him as well to complete said client order. How do I fix it?

Ah, I managed to fix the problem, sorry for the inconvenience!

No problem! Was it that you didn't turn it in to him?

Ah it wasn't! I didn't go to the ARKS Missions list to claim the rewards from there. I didn't know that set of missions also existed, my bad, haha

This situation actually speaks to how this game’s UI/UX can have a confusing learning curve. It could use a lot more quality of life streamlining that contemporary MMOs have already solved.

Yes, Sega has taken that to heart. With the localization we added quite a few videos/pop-ups that JP does not have, in the attempt to get users a bit more info on how to progress. Still, many just close these without reading. ><

@GM-Deynger There's a few glitches from JP that carried over here, should I fill out a ticket?

Yes please!!! It's much appreciated!