Improving The Quest Menu For Ps02 Client Orders

When Client Orders Are Accepted They Go In To The Client Menu And Players Have To Constantly Open Up The Client Menu To View Progress Of Their Quest

A More Convenient Feature Would, Be The Client Orders When Accepted Appear To The Right Side Of The Player Screen.

Example Name Of Client Order : Defeating False Spawn Client Order Objective : Defeat 20x False Spawn must be level 21 or higher Location Underground Shaft. Planet Lillipa

(Monster Name , Level , Planet And Zone , Number Count ) Included

When Completed A Green Tick Would Appear for completed Client Orders.


I guess it was done nicely and conveniently in other games so the developers decided to do something different. Who could possibly guess why they decided to do it like this. Obviously (like in other games) you could choose to track/untrack what orders you want displayed on the side. Not a problem for me as it doesn't take that long to look them up, but it would be a "quality of life" improvement.