General OT to NT // OT to Camo request list (old thread)

Reminder to add Helen Bathina (エレヌバティナ) Katana, it's the MAIN movement tool for a lot of classes, please add it next update

Just wondering, is anything possibly being added on the 17th?

Since the 17th (I think...) is most likely going to be the final major content update, I'd hope to see at least the エレヌバティナ (Eren Batina) Katana as it's very important for gameplay!

@Matt said in General OT to NT // OT to Camo request list:

Since the 17th (I think...) is most likely going to be the final major content update

I dunno about that, it might also be on the 31st as that's when we get the new MP. When in doubt check twitter as I can't see them not doing an ARKS hour before the last big EP6 content release.

Add Twin Yasminkov 2000H as a Camo or something, Old Type weapon that does not drop in our version at all.

alt text

We now have the (Volcano Packer) Volcanic Explorer costume, but we don't have the weapons that are part of it's set. I'd love to see them made into a camo. The Sword (Zapper Edge) ザッパーエッジ, the Double Saber (Packer Vogue) パッカーヴォーグ, and the Wand (Volcano Mace) ヴォルカノメイス. alt text

There are also several other OT weps that share a theme with a costume or cast parts that were never made NT or into a camo. For example there's a set that goes with the Fylph cast set.

Twin Daggers ツインフィルフィン

Katana フィルフスイレン


Twin Mcahineguns マシナフィルフ


Hi SEGA, don't forget to add エレヌバティナ on Wednesday! :3

I would like to see the combined Coated Weapon camo:

alt text

I see pso2es AC scratch tomorrow, since you guys are adding pso2es items PLEASE, dont forget to add the most important one Helen Bathina (エレヌバティナ) Katana, please make fighter and ranger a playable class on global as without the katana its terrible

I was reminded the other day of the magical girl style weapons, they had like three color variations and covered a lot of weapon types.

oh yeah and the confectionery weapons toy falspawn used to drop; I almost forgot the Churro rifle existed for a minute there

Supporting this! Need those OT camo fodder!!!