Looking for character data

Does anyone know of anywhere to get or happen to have the character data for the Cast in the nightmare set in this banner https://cdn.pso2.com/editor-pso20201111_152456_152-88558.png? I wasn't sure where to even ask this so sorry in advance if it doesn't belong in general.

Best I can do for you is for you to follow character recipe http://blog.livedoor.jp/pso2yadorigi/archives/37169331.html

I also did try to make this character also on JP, following this recipe exactly on JP makes the character under 150cm in default layering wear - so the character data is not that useful for you as you can't import it.

I did modify a version to my own likes - making my cast 161cm in default layering wear and some small body proportion changes - and I don't have the nightmare head unfortunately - I could drop 88mil on it but I heard the huge twin tails on the nightmare head swings around too hilariously in many phantom moves - so I just have a smaller twintails equipped.

@HarmlessSyan Actually I'm perfectly fine using the recipe! Thanks so much. I'm assuming we're getting a joint scratch for the phantom and etoile release sets on the 9th and I'm seriously thinking about starting a new cast for the nightmare set (currently a newman). I really appreciate the link since I was having no luck even finding a recipe for it.

Edit: Also there's the PSO2 Salon Tool that can set the height data to be compatible with Global too just for reference.