How to transfer Atlas ex abilities to Trailblazer. How can I get rid of the s4?

So I want to transfer augments from atlas to TB. How do I get the s4 off so I can transfer everything over? Is this possible?

You can replace the one S4 with a different one or when you are s grade transferring just don't transfer the s4 that you don't want?

Your post doesn't make it clear what it is exactly that you are trying to do.

You can’t transfer S Augs and regular affixes at the same time. Going off the assumption that your Atlas has all S augs slots currently filled so S1-S4, you can transfer the S1-S3 augs one at a time into your trailblazer, via transfer S augs at the item lab. If you don’t have any S augs currently on your trailblazer to exchange with the ones you are transferring from your Atlas, then you Atlas will be reduced by a slot each time.

Once you have the S augs that you want on your trailblazer you can use transfer passes to swap the regular affixes over to your trailblazer, you can also upgrade your noble/elegant/grace into a grand at the same time. But cause your trailblazer doesn’t have an S4 slot, you can’t add in another regular affix which means once you’ve finished transferring the affixes, your trailblazer will be one slot less than what your Atlas was.

Ten Squre 3 is pretty much correct. That is the way, but it's tricky. It only works on the correct leftover of affixes aside from SSAs. Here is a layout in simplification.

Your Already Built Atlas EX Weapon - 7 Slots (also works with 8 slots) & 4 SSAs : iS1, iS2, iS3, iS4, iA, iB, iC

A Fodder Atlas EX Weapon (or any amount of weapon that can hold your SSAs) - Transfer SSAs from your Atlas EX to these weapons, but also replace them with junk SSAs to maintain that slot integrity.

Your Atlas EX Weapon should be the same number of affixes, but with junk SSAs.

Your Trailblazer Weapon should also be 7 slots with good affixes and junk SSAs from upslotting (up to you). Now you do SSA transfer using your Trailblazer as the BASE, and get those SSAs from the fodder weapons that are holding SSAs from your Atlas EX.

That's it, you are done.

They are both 8 augments which is my issue. Since I can’t add an s4 I’ll lose the 8th augment if I continue with this rate.

I wouldn't want to ruin a 8 slot atlas - would you post what your atlas stats are and what are you trying to transfer over

So how the posts above have said I wouldn't ruin a 8s atla for whatever reason also you need to pay attention not all 15* weapons have support for all S1-S5 supers some only have a combination of the affordmentions, also you need to take into account not all affixes once synthesized can be transfer by the affix augment option stuff like the AC boost items(noble ,elegant, grace, grand) once affixed are not transferable unless you use ability augmentation passes which in my opinion i would strongly save those for a bit longer. What you could do is affix normally your Trailblazers with the other augments you want on top of giving it fodder S1-S3 affixes that way you can use the transfer S augment option and recover the atla S1-S3 that you want to use

@Cult My opinion is much or less the same with what others have posted, I'm also a bit skeptic about using the transfer augment(s) feature here. As Trailblazer has no S4 slot, usually one slot will be lost in the process anyway. This means the cost to make a 7-slot Trailblazer will be 50 augment transfer pass and to ruin an 8-slot Atlas Ex weapon.

I personally made an 8-slot Trailblazer Hero TMG which does around 10% more damage than my lifestealing Atlas Ex TMG when tested against the practice Rockbear. But when I put it to the real fight again Persona, I noticed that I'm taking much longer time casting Resta, and now I'm not sure if I could have dealt more damage with Trailblazer throughout the entire UQ. Maybe this is because my poor playing skill, but IMPO, Atlas Ex have their use and not a simply lesser weapon to Trailblazer.

Going back to the original point, I wrote usually one slot will be lost in the transfer, there are a few rare cases I can think of doing an 8-slot to 8-slot transfer.

Case 1. You were not using Noble/Elegant/Graceful/Grand series augment on your fodder Atlas Ex. In this case, you can simply use that augment adding item when you transfer augments, but I believe this is hardly the case.

Case 2. You use augment adding item which is not the main stat of your weapon, like Graceful/Grand Stamina. In this case, they can coexist with the stat boosting augments (i.e. Noble/Elegant/Graceful/Grand Might/Precision/Casting) so you can supplement the lost S4 augment to make the final result 8-slot. Still in this case, the result will be pretty poor and won't be able to achieve the +200 stat to make the full use of S1 Amp augment factor of Trailblazer weapons.

In either case, if the final result is 8-slot, the number of augment transfer pass required will be 100, and you also need to discard augments an the 8-slot Atlas Ex weapon.

For the reasons above, I'm not very positive about using transfer augment(s) feature here. Still it's your weapons and resources, your decisions will be the final.

EDIT: it looks like stamina boosting item based augments (like elegant stamina) and stat boosting item based augments (like graceful precision) belongs to the same group and can't coexist. The case 2 I wrote earlier won't work.