Why I left FFXIV for PSO2

@Milk If only there was a game that could just have all of it.... At this rate, it wont be FFXIV, PSO2, or any upcoming game. Not even Star Citizen.

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I'm curious how everyone feels about this now

If you gonna necro a 7 month old thread, why don't you tell us what you think. Most people posting here are still playing the game or at least keeping tabs on it to return if something interest them happens.

FFXIV is kind of dead to me now until Endwalker comes out. After months of farming weekly savage reclears, my raid static is taking a break until next tier raid and I can't find much reason to log on there anymore. I only logged in this week to do the new Gold Saucer event that takes like 5mins per char, and didn't log on for more than a week before that. Really wasting my subscription money but already paid 3 months in June when my static was still going.

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Only thing keeping me around there right now is my Medium house

Housing: working as intended.

@Yggranya And I still hate that housing system xD

I don’t know what to think after listening/reading everyone’s comments about the two games. I never played FF nor do I care to. But very much enjoyed the original Pso, PsU, Pso2 and now NGS.

So I guess my question is ......Is Pso2 NGS going to end up like FFXIV?

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So I guess my question is ......Is Pso2 NGS going to end up like FFXIV?

The two games are very different and appeal to different people, but the reason you see so many FFXIV players on pso2 is because mmo playerbases seem to have a lot of cross-over (especially with smaller mmos).

Seeing as the launch of NGS is pretty much repeating what they have done 9 years ago to now for PSO2, I would not expect that NGS will "end up like FFXIV", probably regardless of what particular aspect of FFXIV you are referring to.

I've been trying to leave FFXIV for PSO2, but as it stands I've been juggling between both and I haven't logged into PSO2(NGS) in about a week now.

I should probably let go of the past. PSODC was the good ol' days and I always wanted those back but I guess that ain't happening.

@Rain-Gnyu End up like FFXIV how? Since right now, FFXIV is insanely popular, in large due to how the game is managed. The game is designed to allow you to take breaks and return at a later date without too much difficulty; it respects your time.

Also, FFXIV is just superior in presentation. Sure graphically is lesser, mainly due to being and older game, but they are just able to hit the right notes perfectly. The story in a whole is done beautifully. You have your low moments, namely ARR, but Shadowbringers is considered to be on par with the best of the series.

The main difference that is probably the most important to compare is the service. FFXIV is without a doubt better managed and offers a superior service quality. The developers communicate with the players. There isn't regional preferential like there is with PSO2/NGS where JP is the favored child.

If anything NGS is turning out to be like FFXIV 1.0, which was a failure and had different lead devs. To SE's credit, they publicly apologized for 1.0's poor quality, scrapped everything, and started fresh with the current iteration of FFXIV.

In contrast, it seems like Sega tried to do the same with NGS but ended up with the opposite. So if anything NGS is kind of a reverse FFXIV.

I'm not saying FFXIV is bad, its just that once I'm done with the MSQ there's no reason to keep playing. I just quit until the next expansion.

@El-Zenchi The primary good thing about xiv is the same about most ff games in the end. if you like ff games youll probably like ffxiv, but theres nothing but repetition on a formula they havent changed since 2.0 after the msq if you can stomach all that.

Im legacy, so i put up with it since 1.0 'flopped', but it got old. They never did anything new with the meat of the game, and the addon side content dont interest me all that much. Dungeons just put me to sleep now

There may be some kind exodus to xiv right now but once that new feel dies it will feel the same thing as the mmo they ran from. I would say its mostly just streamer influencer mixed with blizzard stupidity.

@Archetype-Luna PSO2 and ffxiv are roughly the same age, actually. Played a bit of pso2 during the downtime after 1.0 shut down. pso2 is actually older than the 'reborn' xiv.

@AngryRhombus563 I was comparing NGS to ARR when I said XIV is the older game, mainly because I was comparing graphics. I am treating NGS as its own game when comparing graphics for obvious reasons. Really can't use the old pso2 graphics for comparisons since they aren't really used anymore and thus are not really relevant.

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@Milk If only there was a game that could just have all of it.... At this rate, it wont be FFXIV, PSO2, or any upcoming game. Not even Star Citizen.

I have yet to find a game that has it all. I think the closest I’ve come is maybe Blade & Soul. Fun combat, great character customization, picturesque maps and I honestly liked the story but the class system is too limited, the community kind of sucked & the economy was broken(last I played) and even with a good PC it kind of ran poorly, not to mention it had the most predatory gacha I’ve ever seen. If I could make those changes, it would be my favorite.

RIFT was also good, the best custom class system yet, nice maps, fun things to do outside of story and story wasn’t half bad, but the combat was that dated WoW style I hate and it needed more customization & graphics update. Too bad it’s basically dead, it had potential.

FFXIV has my favorite story and the friendliest community so even though the combat isn’t my favorite, I keep coming back. Dancer is pretty fun and White Mage in PVP is always a good laugh. I also have a really nice house in the game I keep having to save.

Vindictus has my absolute favorite combat but hate the story, you can’t edit your character’s face beyond makeup and it’s also dying.

Black Desert Online has fun combat and a nice character maker(except for Tamer) but I hate forced pvp.

PSO2 gave me that combat I crave and a nice looking character maker, all the cute fashion I could want that doesn’t cost $300/outfit(thanks B&S gacha) and pretty nice community, I also loved the concerts! It became my favorite game even though the instanced maps felt lonely sometimes. There wasn’t much I wanted to change about it, but now it feels like SEGA is trying to kill it off for NGS which isn’t as fun.

There’s just no perfect gaming experience for me. 😞 Just been playing God Eater 3 and Path of Exile because NGS has been so disappointing.

As of now NGS isn’t a disappointment to me but I can see the lazy content development, which is the main reason people have not been spending much.

Example: the same creature skin for Gigantix as for dread combatants. Recycling same old Cosmetics! Really Sega!!

I'm not sure why people feel they have to quit entertainment they enjoy? Why can't people just take breaks and then come back when new content hits? I enjoy PSO2 and FFXIV equally for different reasons but I don't think I've ever quit a game, per say. More like drifted to something else for a time and then revisit it. I actually enjoy content droughts because they allow me to partake in content other people usually don't have time for when farming current content (Blue Mage shenanigans come to mind) or work on game backlog. The one thing I like about this generation is that a ton of games all release simultaneously and it feels like it's almost impossible to get to them all in a timely manner which then leads to more entertainment for future content droughts and the cycle continues.