Returning struggling player

I'm currently a returning player. I debated with myself on if I should try playing again or not. I quit mostly because of the issue I'm about to bring up. I used to be on ship 3. Things were pretty quiet. I struggled to level, find parties, or even make money(even with a shop). I got frustrated to a point where I just gave up. Recently came back because I did miss playing. This time I choose ship 2. I thought things would be different. A lot more people but not many parties. Even if I start my own its just me and the robots. Also pretty weak starting from scratch. I don't know how but I'm at a loss. At least last time I got as far as 50. Though at first there were parties. I played with people. Now I can't really find anyone to play with. I don't know what to do.

Yah... sadly this game doesn't really have people pairing up to do stuff unless it's an urgent quest or trigger. It's just how the game is sadly and it's one of my major gripes with it. I like the game, but it doesn't capture the social magic of the original. Sorry man, but from the sound of things you aren't gonna like this game as a whole.

In the earlier levels 1-50 before you get really good gear you can just bring the bots along, or you can "join party in progress" for whatever content you want to play. If you really wanna party up and run things with other people. The Dark Revelry Consumes Starlight limited quest is run pretty much all day right now. Also running it at least nine times gets you some nice 12* units.

If you run at least 5 Recommended quests you can even get a 15* weapon. Also Episode 6 comes out on December 9th. So you will have two new classes to choose from Phantom and Etoile.

There is lots to do. Honestly expeditions are so easy once you're geared that unless it's a recommended daily quest people don't really need to do them which is why you won't find too many doing them. If you really wanna party up all the time try joining an alliance. You can look for actively recruiting ones in the visiphone.

My alliance runs triggers and UQ's all day. If I wanted a party I wouldn't have any issues finding one XD. So you have a lot of options and honestly parties aren't the only way to level or enjoy this game.

I do hope you give it another chance!


Playing does get better in the higher levels. Between 50 and 75, do all your dailies and weeklies. You get silver and gold keys that will help you level much faster with bonus quests, for me 2 lvls per gold key until 80, then itll take 3-4 gold keys to lvl90. You can turn in 5 silver keys to get 1 gold through the swap shop. And use triboosts and exp boosters to lvl faster. You can also find triggers on the shop, thatll be a good way to get higher quality gear and excubes. You can also get the Trailblazer/Starquake units, and Profound/Starquake weapons on the shops. You can add lvl 20 left rings to units, which made my gameplay a bit easier.

There are class guides that will help you greatly improve your gameplay.

More parties going at higher levels I think?

Also just gotta be the right content people are currently into for easy find parties (and time of day).

Aw if you were on ship 4 or 3 I’d play with you!

Off the top of my head the easiest way I personally make meseta is doing my weeklies(including Yerkes) on all characters. A high lvl character fetches 2.6m a week, a lvl1 still brings in 900k. It’s not much but it adds up. I also sell stacks of grinders when I have too many. I have Premium but I rarely list anything and I don’t flip the market or craft. I just play the game in the simplest way I can.

As for your party problem, find a friendly and active alliance to play with. People don’t tend to team up with randoms outside of UQ but I’ve noticed they still will moon revive you and go on their merry way out in the expeditions.