Account frozen 817

Anyone had an issue with 817 before?

Just says account frozen until they investigate suspicious activity.

Not 816 if anyone asks lol can’t find anyone who’s dealt with 817 before

No idea. Did you put in a support ticket? It might take a bit but they will eventually get to it.

@Vexation how do I go about doing that? Support page seemed pretty barebones I couldn’t really find anything on there

@SegaLegacy seeing if you have any updates? My account also received an 817 on Saturday (I've only been playing for 2 days and have no clue how I got it lol)

When i Google for "pso2 817" i find two entrys from where people say this is a perma ban.

Ask yourself what you did to win one.

@SegaLegacy You didn't engage in RMT bot meseta trades did You?

Yeah generally it was RMT'ing that got you banned. At least that's what I've heard was the case 90% of the time.

@Vexation You may be right, but error 817 is new to me. 816 seemed to be the perma ban for rmt selling, hacking and masking your ip - possible signs of fraud accounts.

@RatedAGriffin 2 days? Seems like an autoban. BTW, are you in the US?

@Scerms77 said in Account frozen 817:

When i Google for "pso2 817" i find two entrys from where people say this is a perma ban.

Ask yourself what you did to win one.

I was one of those people on PSO-W who got 817'd (account temporarily frozen due to suspicious activity) on JP and it was due to using a public VPN to get through a DNS routing problem that surfaced after the 1 month long DDOS attack in spring of 2014. Almost no western ISP could connect to the JP servers, so most of us had to use Japanese VPNs to continue playing for the next 2 years. Unfortunately, I and a friend used a public one which triggered something and we lost our accounts the next morning.

Anyway, onto the point: I don't think it's necessarily a perma ban in a normal situation. I feel like the reason why I and a couple other people were never given a resolution for Error817 is because we were foreigners and they saw that we connected from a foreign IP, so they probably just refused to respond to the support ticket due to that fact. One person apparently did get through and was just required a password change. But yeah, we had to make new accounts back then.

@FANtasyStarOnline yeah, I'm in the US and playing on XBOX, still haven't finished the tutorials, and only interacted with NPCs (haven't engaged any real player or bot). Also not tech-savvy enough to mask my IP, lol. PSO2 was fun for the 2 hours I put into it lol.

@RatedAGriffin Shit, that really sucks man. I know there was some weirdness with Steam reporting Fraud and getting players banned, but Xbox?