Extra Storage?

So in JP we had more than just the 2 storage options of character and shared, I know PSO2ES was through phone and I assume we don't have that here yet? Just wondering about any other storage options right now.

Storage expansions that can be bought and there is speculation of the PSO2es storage being for game pass owners.

There should be Premium Storage, that's only active with Premium (you can still take things out after Premium expires).

Other than that the JP server has OTP Storage (some third party thing that saved your key or something) and PSO2es, but also the Extra Storage, temporary premium storage that only lasted a month, other than hoarding items to resell I don't know what kind of player uses that kind of storage.

Well, just all the gathering items fill up well over a hundred spots, then there is saving all the weapons with good affixes (not that I am saving or worrying about this yet). Also right now since low char I am saving all my R-ATK weapons (or most) for mag food. It becomes annoying to have to sort and organise your banks after every few quests. Plus I really like to organise things, I can be OCD even if all the storage spots are halve empty and organised I much prefer this 🙂

My recommendation for gathering: ignore that system and sell all that trash you already collected. I could say the same about "stones".

Appreciate the tip but I like to keep it all because you get dailies every so often with certain gathering items that are worth a good sum. And I don't really know which ones rotate in the dailies. I know which I need to defo keep for Yerke though!

You can purchase Material Storage for all those Gathering materials and items like Grinders in the SG Shop; additionally, it lets you use those items without needing to have them in your Inventory.

@Ragnawind That is hopefully something we do get, I just hope it works for non-NA users unlike the current xbox costume perk/premium, I had to go out my way to buy premium even though I have an xbox ultimate gamer pass :x

@AndrlCh Thats an amazing feature, is it a one time purchase or monthly like premium etc? And Material Storage is how much room?, Also unrelated, if you do not mind PM'ing me the details on how you made that box for your sig I would be much appreciative!!

@Spuzman Material Storage can be purchased for 30 Days for 300SG or 90 Days for 720SG; the capacity is 2500 different kinds of items, and there is a very high stack limit (so high that you will likely never hit that limit). For reference, on the JP Server, even with old Materials that no longer have a use taking up space, I have not even reached 500/2500 of my Material Storage. Also, I forgot to mention, with Premium you can set it so that Materials bypass your Inventory and go straight in to Material Storage when they drop in a Quest (if they are a reward, like from an ARKS Mission or CO, they still go to your Inventory).

As for the table, check here: https://forum.pso2.com/topic/1100/guide-making-a-table-in-your-post-signature

@AndrlCh Ty for table. Damn that is a lot of Star Gems. Is there a good way to get them aside from buying?

@Spuzman Right now? Probably Story Quests; I think you can get over 750 as rewards for doing them between Quest Rewards and Titles. In the future? Hopefully they add them in to exchange shops like the Casino.

@AndrlCh I see. And is the material storage like premium, in the sense if I stop paying I can still take out (just not deposit)

@Spuzman Yes, everything stays in there and can be taken out even if you let it expire.