Account frozen 817

Keep getting a message that my account is frozen until an investigation is done due to suspicious activity, anyone else had this issue before? Just wondering how long till they realise I’ve done nothing wrong and give me access again.

816, not 817 right? Because my brother is dealing with the same issue. As are many people that I've seen. Nobody that I've seen has gotten a response and an 816 means your account is essentially permabanned.

@Sinow definitely 817, can’t really find info on it so not sure how long SEGA expect me to wait

Well that sucks. I guess you're gonna have to write a ticket and twiddle your thumbs like the rest of us. Hopefully 817 is not as bad as 816, though.

I am also having the 817 problem

@CornDog6027 said in Account frozen 817:

I am also having the 817 problem

Please send a ticket by logging into the support website with your Xbox or Steam account like you did on the forum:

I’ve sent a ticket so I’ll reply here if it gets resolved.