Classes and Fashion

What are going to be the available classes we gonna see in PSO2 NGS? I'm asking this, because PSO2 has ALOT of classes available, which each utilizes different playstyle. But how does it gonna be in the NGS version of PSO2? What classes we will be able to use in NGS?

And finaly, what about the Fashion, will all of the Available Fashion from PSO2 gonna carry to NGS?

For your first question: As we currently stand we only know of 3 classes with 1 weapon each: Hunter (Sword), Ranger (Rifle) and Force (Rod). Additional weapons and classes have been implied to be forthcoming.

For your second question: With NGS' release each character will have 2 models (Casts will have 4) tied to them: a "classic" PSO2 body model that will bed used with existing layerwear, outfits and bodypaint and a new NGS body (with moving fingers) that will be used with new and future layerwear, outfits and bodypaint. Casts will also have a "classic" Cast parts body model and a new NGS Cast parts body model. Existing and future accessories will be usable by all models.