Br/Ph might not be for you if you don't learn to play Br properly

So as title.

Br/Ph might not be for everyone. I know people don't like someone telling them this, but is true.

Right now, a lot of Br/Hu players have learned an aggressive playstyle possible thanks to the safety nets granted by Hu sub.

Altough is undeniably fun, is not possible to keep this playstyle if you people switch to Br/Ph.

Parry and positioning become more important, as well dodging.

I'm sating this 'cause i saw way too many Braver players, not putting to use the Parry mechanic and over rely on Hu sub perks, such as Automate and Iron Will.

So,before jumping on the Bandwagon might be wise to actually learn to play your class.

I'll say this 'cause i don't look forward to people dying 10 times in UH quest, just 'cause they play way to aggresively with Br/Ph.

Remember, what you could survive with Br/Hu, at 90% will kill ya with Br/Ph.

So, please, please, try sub Fi or Su and go practice with Masquerade your parry and dodges, as well exploit the i-frame, so that you don't become a drag for other players, and you acrually learn how you are supposed to play Br/Ph.

Sorry OP if I'm misreading you as you struck a nerve of sorts. So I'll start by saying that I'm deeply appreciative of all the JP vets who've shared their knowledge as I think it'd be impossible to learn all the complexities of this game at the pace we've been going without them.

But, in general, posts like this strike me as a venting of frustrations under the guise of providing (unprompted) help, especially when the content's not even out yet. I mean it's bad enough that there's in-game shaming of UQ mechanics on Day 1of a raid...

Hopefully Ep 6 brings Expert matchmaking so vets can avoid the periods of experimentation/trial-and-error learning that are enjoyable in many other games (i.e. ones that haven't been "solved" years before being released).

I don’t know, I found it helpful. People do use Hunter sub as a crutch sometimes(myself included) but if you’re going to play a class that doesn’t save you or autoheal it’s going to be a rude awakening. Best practice now on not getting hurt so it doesn’t feel so jarring when phantom is here.

I don’t play braver anymore(and I only used bow) but I did recently switch my sub from hunter to summoner and it’s been quite the difference. Nothing is going to save me anymore except myself, there is no safety net now. I’ve had to be more cautious when I strike, and you know I’m still learning so sometimes I actually die sometimes. When I was a hunter sub I never died, it made me realize I’m relying on it too much.

Yeah, maybe l read the wrong intentions and got caught up on words like "properly" and "might be wise to actually learn to play your class" and "don't be a drag on others". Just struck me as a gripe about how Bravers are played now (i.e. face tanking and not optimizing DPS through counters) dressed up as advice about the future.

As you point out, the lack of a safety net from a Hunter sub becomes immediately apparent when you take it off (just like it is when starting out without enough points to invest in automate), so I have faith most people will adjust their playstyle quite quickly as it's not fun being on the floor. And if you're playing UH content on Day 1 you've probably already received this same feedback in the game, even with a Hunter sub, through content like Phaleg, solo Extreme Quests, 4man Persona triggers, Omega Masquerade, etc.

Again, maybe I read too much into it, but it just seemed like the post was creating a problem before it starts and not giving new players time to learn on their own which is my real pet peeve with the "curse of knowledge"/norms that can come from years of play on another server.

Basically every single class that can use hunter as sub not limited to braver. Your rangers, bouncers, techters and even gunners to some extent moving off /Hu


Yeah I can understand where you’re coming from but on the other hand Hero has been out for a minute and a lot of players are still bad. People will hopefully realize their face-rubbing playstyle doesn’t work and adapt or we’re unfortunately going to see complaint threads on here about it(like Hero). Like OP said, we still have katana users that can’t party, that’s a big portion of their class. A little practice and knowledge beforehand might prevent some of that. If it were months away I’d be like “ok buddy slow your roll” but it’s almost here.

I do hope people adapt and overcome!


Yeah my bouncer certainly feels different, hunter sub is great but it kind of makes you feel lazy when you swap it. I can die now, I have to heal now. I feel more engaged in my fights because mistakes have costly penalties.

You don't pay my sub

Yah I'm getting tired of all these guys who are "trying to help" but are just condescendholes. Dude, let people play how they're gonna play. Stop trying to make this into WoW.

@Alun Damnit, beat me to posting the joke

In all seriousness though people will be forced to shape up, probably out of embarrassment, in episode 6.

Na I’ll be facetanking UH as HU/ET. Ez Pz. Thanks for the advice tho.

I pick classes I like and do my best to learn mechanics if I can't get the mechanics I switch to something else. Still this "advice" could of been delivered in a far nicer and much less condescending way.

@Alun said in Br/Ph might not be for you if you don't learn to play Br properly:

You don't pay my sub

do i post the whole ass page of a response the guy posted in response to this same message on reddit

@Theuberclips said in Br/Ph might not be for you if you don't learn to play Br properly:

@Alun said in Br/Ph might not be for you if you don't learn to play Br properly:

You don't pay my sub

do i post the whole ass page of a response the guy posted in response to this same message on reddit

Yes, I want to laugh at it.

Few if any really cares in reality. Most don't use the forums in the first place. Seeing as PSO2 leans more towards the casual side, there is nothing you can do to get people to play how you want them to. Parsing is ban worthy cause it's seen as toxic. So you aren't going to get people to min/max and improve when the game itself is setup not to care in the first place.

Good thing my main class is Hu! Maybe I'll mix Ph with that and see how it does in various UQ.