Reposting my PSO2 video here again

I decided to repost my PSO2 video here again, because my PSO2 video got mass disliked by multiple dupe accounts (Or bots) as a follow up with a demeaning comment saying "Dislike, reason: Jewish".

Some people on youtube can be pretty fucked up douches, so I request your assistance by liking my video please so the video can have more likes than dislikes.

I’m going to be completely honest with you because you seem very innocent.

It’s not just YouTube, the entire internet is a hostile and impersonal place. These platforms like YouTube, Twitter, Facebook ect ect only exist to promote radicalism and brain dead one-liners.

It’s not because a certain platform is bad, it’s because human beings in general are. Humans are inherently selfish and impersonal . That’s embedded in our psyche, it’s completely natural. That’s why this is the behavior you will typically see while browsing the internet.

Empathy and kindness are unnatural. They do not objectively benefit anyone, which is why most people aren’t. Kindness is something that you must learn. Being kind is going against human nature itself. It’s a very impressive feat but a negligible one ultimately.

I’ll leave a like on your video because I know how you feel. But don’t expect anyone else to

This should probably be in the screenshots and videos channel. But anyway yeah people can be stupid and leave hateful comments for no reason.

Left a like, seemed like you worked pretty hard on it. I’ve never once made a Youtube video.

I'mma leave a like. I like being nice. Not everyone is a douche no matter what people might tell ya ^^

Thank you guys, It's much appreciated!

It sounds like you got under attack by a troll/trolls trying to get a rise out of you -.-. Hopefully this time it'll be better.

Gona leave a Like as well, Becasue Im just nice person. ^_^