Upslot penalty should be the same regardless of the amount of fodder units used.

JP and Global suggestion both.

By sacrificing only 1 unit as fodder and trying to upslot, your chances of success go down no matter what in comparison to using 2 or more units. Anything over 1 unit all has the same chance.

As an example, upslotting from 3 to 4 slots on an item is 60% with 1 fodder, but 70% with 2 or more fodders.

As someone that actually doesn't mind the affixing system in this game, this is the one major thing I have a gripe with. It just seems pointless to impose a penalty for only using 1 fodder.

Alternatively: What if you got a boost for 3-4-5?

I'd be fine with either.

Once upon a time, affixing only allowed 2 fodders. So using 2 instead of 1, filling the spots gave a better chance.

When they added more fodder slots - they probably thought giving more boost for more fodders would make it too easy.