Mel Pwr Augments VS S-Grade Augments

Everybody on here keeps saying that S-Grade augments are better than augments that boost your melee power. I've got 2 Atlas Farder EX's built right now. The first one has:

S1: Skillful Adept, S2: Skillful Adept, S3: Lustrous Strike, S4: Lifesteal Strike, Graceful Might, Might VI

The second one has:

Graceful Might, Might VI, Astral Soul, Modulator, Sentence Triple, S4: Lifesteal Strike

The critical hit change increase with S1 and S2 Skillful Adept doesn't seem to be doing any good when I actually go to test the two swords against each other. If S-Grade Augments make your weapon so much better, then why am I more powerful overall with the second Atlas Farder EX than I am with the first one when both are tested against the same enemies back to back (and also seeming to have the same amount of critical hits with both weapons)?

The S Grade Augments that make them more powerful are the ones that give actual damage multipliers (like Aggressive Will), which none of your S Grade Augments do. Since the first has no extra damage multiplers, then of course the one with more MEL-Pwr will do more damage.