You can farm hero crests now in preparation for the next update

You can farm hero badges now in preparation for the next update, they drop from the profound darkness triggers. In JP they are exchanged at Zieg for special 14 star weapons like Jupiter Tullus, Spread Needle and Kazami-no-tachi. (I thought i'd spread the word before a certain youtuber decides to make a 8 minute video and try to monetize from it). Happy hunting!

Only Bo, Su are really getting the benefits. Other weapons are totally irrelevant at the point when we get the exchange.

Not a big deal and too much effort on something that is obsolete in one or two weeks.

There's a chance we won't even get the exchange either. They might just be dropping by mistake.

ALso I believe they drop from Mother triggers as well.

Those 14*s are going to be available in the RWB5 shop. It's been confirmed in the episode 6 news post.

Hmm others are pretty cool still I think.

EG: For ranger the FJ launcher is pretty sweet for burn through exploration quests for collection folder fast/easy (as well as just generally being kick ass, near instant pp restore and heatseaking).