Tutorial-like Client Orders Not Giving Required Items to Complete

Various client order quests are not giving out the required items to complete.


Afin's order in which he teaches you about equipping back, arm, and leg armor the order states he will give you the pieces to equip to complete this order.

Pietro is supposed to give you a sweet to equip in his Sweet Box tutorial.

Jan is supposed to give you equipment to use when he is teaching you about enhancing and elements.*

None of these tutorial client orders and many more are giving the items that the order states the NPCs will give you. I tried dropping the client order and retaking it, but the items are never given to you. I also tried logging out and back in to see if that would fix the issue and still nothing.

Jan didn't give any items for his orders in the japanese server either, the requirements are common items, just play a little and you will get some grinders and sythesisers then enhance whatever you want.

@landman I am not talking about grinders and synthesizers. I am talking about how he is supposed to give you two gunblade zeros to use. States it right in the order description.

If the quest giver is not supposed to give you an item to achieve the end goal of their quest, it should not state that they do in the quest instructions. These quests worked just fine in CB and now we are in OB and they don't work properly.

NA version doesn't have old type gear anymore, and thus cannot be given.

Jan is supposed to give you two Gunblade zeros though...that is true. Some of the other items are not provided though, such as the units from Afin. You'll need to get those from exploring (or do like I do and get one Sub, then just equip it to each individual slot since it can be used in all.) 😉 Please submit a ticket regarding the Jan issue.