Oi GM's You Said You'd Tell Us In December!

I asked when Phantom and Etoile update would be here. I was told my answer would be given in December. It is.. DECEMBER!

Is it the 9th? Please say it's the 9th. I might kill over from lack of Phantom if I have to wait till the 25th. PLEASE!

Phantom is definitely the 9th. Not sure about Etoile, that may be 9th, may be later.

The GM said that if it was written in the post for episode 6 then we were definitely getting it when episode 6 comes out. They have given us no definite date but the advanced two week mission pass makes me think it'll be the 9th. Unless you know something I don't know. @Hatsodoom

Episode 6 is launching on the 9th, that's all I know for sure.

How'd you find that out? @Hatsodoom Please share with me your wisdomz!

Because they announced it, did you even look?

I've looked at the main page announcement threads, I didn't see it. Unless the announced it on facebook or twitter. I hadn't checked there yet Lemme go have a look see

Yup 13 hours ago on Twitter. Well you will be pleased to know the update includes everything listed in the announcement thread. So Phantom and Etoile.