"Road to Episode 6: Get more Rising Weapons Badge 4!" doesn't work


This hasn't been working, unless I've been doing something wrong. I've done.. many... many urgent quests. To my understanding, every 3 urgent quests you get Rising Weapons Badge 4 (x30) up to 10 times (for 300 badges) and is supposed to be on your visaphone once you qualify. I thought you may have messed up the date so I didn't make a bug report, but as of a new week I still haven't gotten any.

In my case, it seems I've managed to get the first batch of the rewards. Since the campaign started, I've defeated well over 30 Personas, but this is the only one I got.


Same issue. Got my 1st one on the 1st day of the campaign and then nothing since.

Ok I thought I was the only one. Pretty sure I've only gotten this once or twice on the first day and that has been it.

Any luck on this guys? Even after maintenance it looks like it's still bugged.

No additional rewards for me too.

Bump. Still not working.

I don't think I got any of them. I thought they were holding them off for distribution later so I didn't pay attention.

Says they are supposed to be given immediately when you complete the requirements.

@GM-Deynger Any word.......?

Hi all! Definitely going to pass this along. Apologies I didn't see this sooner!

Just got these today! Thankyou!

Received all of mine via Visiphone too! Thanks for clearing this up!

Got mine too. Greatly appreciate the fix!

All good! Was surprised to see all those new entries in the Visiphone.