Praying for an Astral Guardian Ticket campaign...

Think we'll get one? We had one for Mother's D when EP5 and Buster Quests came out. Hoping we do cuze there's three weapon camos I want from it and my luck with draws usually sucks.

I hope to too, I need that CAST body so so badly.

There were only a few things I liked in there but if I could get Elmir hair or even one of the outfits I'd be stoked. But the amount of things I like in there is small compared to my bad luck so buying it would be a waste of perfectly good SG that I already spend too much on in the fresh finds shop lol.

I'll admit there's more things in this scratch I'd like than either of the previous two.

at this point, it's not feeling like they will. no one can afford the Scam Gacha

Those who wanted Fallen Heroes items might cry foul if it ends up being the only set to not get a choice ticket, but it could be justified that Fallen Heroes got the benefit of having a period of reduced SG consumption prior to its arrival which no other SG set will have.

Astral Guardians would also benefit from a choice ticket because it's the only set to date that has cosmetics with a pull rate as low as 0.3649%. This is obviously important for accessories which will remain usable in New Genesis. The only items in Fallen Heroes that rare were its music discs while everything else was 0.7299% or better, meanwhile everything in Mother's Disciples is at least 0.7518%.

Also keep in mind that account-binding most cosmetics (particularly those NGS-usable accessories) needs two of the item, so a choice ticket really wouldn't be a bad move here.