Any way to report known griefer?

A certain player on Ship 3 (king of the hill-themed alliance, character model is male wearing a bikini named after a certain fast-speaking character from the show, not naming to not break forum rules, but I am certain others have seen him) has been griefing lobbies since Ep V dropped. This player and others in his guild join UQs and buster quests and then AFK, moving every few seconds to avoid detection, but refusing to help or communicate.
My entire alliance has complained about this player showing up and AFKing to the point he has a well-known reputation. He is receiving reports in every lobby and yet still continues to grief and AFK without punishment or bans.

In this game where toxicity is rather rare (and would like it to stay rare), it is very frustrating to see such a blatant troll manage to constantly ruin people's games and not be dealt with.

All you can really do is keep reporting every offense, maybe have multiple people in your party report at the same time. I don’t know how it works in this game but repeat offenders are bad news in other MMOs.

Why can't we report from the communications log for when they run away the moment that the quest ends?

I think saw him sometimes but not in buster quests still you can report then during the buster quest I had done that before for the ones that decide to leech during UQs

I saw someone leeching in Madness and then they ran away the moment we lost. This was also on ship 3.

I make it a point to stop what I’m doing and report from the Nearby Characters, I just put “AFK” in the reasons line and hit send. I usually warn my party too. Too many people bail before they get caught, F that. They’re screwing my run anyway.

I have an active alt on Ship3, I’ll keep my eyes peeled.

That's pretty terrible. Keep reporting. Maybe they will finally do something.