Upslotting frustrations (>-<)

I have been working hard during our affix boost. I was able to upslot my katana to and it's fodder, both to 8, with no issues. I was able to upslot my bow to 8 with no issues but getting my fodder to 8 has been so difficult. I get to 7 upslots on my fodder and everytime I attempt the 8th, the game says no no no no matter if it's Monica or Du. I spend almost 1000 ex cubes but 40% augument. That supposdly should get upslotting my chances to a high 80% but for some strange reason, It failed over 100 times. Is their more then a plus 40% or is the RNG gods really trolling me heavy at this point.

Its actually right around a 17% chance to upslot from 7 to 8. So if you hit all your other items quickly you're fairly lucky.

@Tasty-Human-bits Maybe that's the punishment for hitting the other items with success. I didn't know it was a 17% success rate from 7 to 8 with 40% increase plus 10% boost. That "guaranteed" 80% is a lie lol.

That's 80% per augment fix. So each roll gotta pass 8 times.

Yea its a bit misleading. If you want to know the real chance to hit a given affix you need to multiply the success rate of each affix together. So for 8 affixes at 80% its .8x.8x.8x.8x.8x.8x.8x.8. The real number is .16777216 I just round up to 17 out of laziness. Doing 8 outside of affix week is only for realy crazy people because that 10% means alot.

I have the same frustrations trying to up slot fodder to 7 since that is what I got my main weapon to, someone on ship 4 had the perfect SA for these kinds of situations, and I saved it to my personal list.

Dudu Punch.png

(I need to find a place to upload the actual SA, or you might find someone on your ship who can display it for you to save, also the growling sound effect works best with this SA)

I spent 3k excubes trying to upslot a 8s ray weapon and it all failed. So RNG just being RNG sadly.

@Albedo ouch thats some horrible luck.

Indeed. 😭 The ExCube grind is neverending.

@Albedo otherwise known as the profound darkness.

Yeah I've been trying to upslot my poor Assault rifle. I at least got the 4 S-Augments on there but getting it from 6-7 has failed everytime and yes I had the 40% augment boost. I feel your pain and hope the RNG gods decide to bless us all.

@Albedo oof, if you aren't in a hurry - just wait for tokyo rainbow key. Pretty good drop rate on Union weapons with 6-8 slots

Yeah once I found about those I stop trying 8s astral