[Ship 2][NA][Semi-Hardcore] Legacy Recruiting! **LF Actives & Alliance Merger Partners**

Name: Legacy

About Us: Legacy seeks to be able to successfully complete all the content that the game has and will have to offer. We are consistently looking to improve ourselves and work together to achieve this goal while remaining flexible for those times when PSO2 may not be a top priority in our lives. Our members are open to mentoring others and feel that a helpful and friendly community will make PSO2 more fun for all of us.

Membership: 56/100

Leader: GreenMountain#9759 Recruitment Officer: Gonzorii 🍜#0007

Type: Semi-Hardcore, Endgame

Active Time zones: Our most active time slot is between 3pm-3am PST.

Alliance Requirements:

  • Cap your weekly alliance points

  • Communicative

  • Be Friendly

  • Willing to Learn/adapt

  • Read our helpful handbook when you join our discord 😄

Alliance Description: Legacy is a thriving community! We are reaching out to find more active players in light of many taking a break in between Episodes 5 & 6! Legacy hosts MPAs & Triggers daily, and almost always has a healthy number of players online looking to grind content. We host fashion tournaments with prize pools monthly. We are also a member of a multi-alliance group on B11 for even larger events, MPAs, and trigger parties. We have a large amount of advanced players in discord and game to give you information to play at your best. We are looking for players who want to find an alliance home and grind content as well as hangout in cafe! We have both a large number of NA members from East to West coast.

** We are looking for smaller alliances with active players to merge with us, we have a maxed tree & welcoming faces! **

Please contact Gonzorii or Green about spots in Legacy today!




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Still looking for recruits! 😄

Still looking for new Episode 6 faces!

Looking for an active Ep6 alliance?! Legacy is recruiting!

Still looking for new members, hit me up on discord or through the forums! 😄


Still looking for more actives! Contact me today 😆

Actives PM Gonzorii In Game or on discord, we'd love to hear from you!

Legacy is still on the hunt for members, please contact me or Green today to inquire about a spot!

Still looking for new faces! Hit me up with questions!

Legacy is still looking for members. Contact me or Green today 😆