[Ship 2][NA][Semi-Hardcore] Legacy Recruiting!

Legacy Ship: 2 Global "Ur"

Legacy seeks to be able to successfully complete all the content that PSO2 NGS has and will have to offer. We are consistently looking to improve ourselves and work together to achieve this goal while remaining flexible for those times when PSO2 may not be a top priority in our lives. Our members are open to mentoring others and feel that a helpful and friendly community will make PSO2 more fun for all of us.

A new world awaits! PSO2: NGS will be a fresh experience for all of us and we would like you to be part of the journey as we discover it together. Exploration of the new frontier and testing our limits will be the goal at launch as we prepare for the trials to come. If you are interested in being a part of a friendly group that is driven by results but has fun while doing so then look no further and contact @GreenMountain on discord or any of the officers below!

Leader: @GreenMountain#9759


  • @🦛WaddlePotamus🦛#3857

  • @Gonzorii🍜#0070

  • @🆒Yuukiyoヾ(≧ヮ≦)〃#8960




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Still looking for recruits! 😄

Still looking for new Episode 6 faces!

Looking for an active Ep6 alliance?! Legacy is recruiting!

Still looking for new members, hit me up on discord or through the forums! 😄


Still looking for more actives! Contact me today 😆

Actives PM Gonzorii In Game or on discord, we'd love to hear from you!

Legacy is still on the hunt for members, please contact me or Green today to inquire about a spot!

Still looking for new faces! Hit me up with questions!

Legacy is still looking for members. Contact me or Green today 😆