So I have finally found a way to play the game that I have longed for ever since I bought a PlayStation Vita cause it was scheduled for release on the platform in a couple of weeks. Well, then I got the news that there was now a delay on the launch... followed shortly thereafter by a TOTAL AND COMPLETE CANCELLATION. Luckily the Vita was a happy accident and no regrets there. So years past and now it is looking more like I will finally get a chance to play PSO2 on my Vita thanks to the homebrew and hacking forums, there was a full translation patch released and as I was literally changing my region I got the news that the servers for PSO2 for the Vita have been totally shut down... So that was another bridge burnt on my way to playing PSO2. Which brings us to now... AND SPEAKING OF NOW ! JUST GOT A NOTICE SAYING I AM LOW ON DISK SPACE! AND THAT PS02 CANNOT LAUNCH!!! AS I AM FREAKING TYPING MY POST THE LAUNCHER SHUTS DOWN ON ME AGAIN!!! I have run into more updating and load time in the past 5 days of trying to play PSO2 than I have ever encountered, this is worse than the Diablo port to the Playstation back in the day! And as it turns out there are 3 copies of PSO2 on my laptops SDD drive... I am sorry for the rant, I would never put myself through this unless I had faith in the product, which I do. I WILL PLAY PS02 IF IT IS THE LAST GAME I 100% CONQUER... I WILL

-Sorry for the longwinded rant The Unkempt Fanny Pack

If you're having issues with multiple copies of PSO2 on your computer, I'm assuming you're attempting to install it through the MS Store, and if that's right, you should probably stop, clean up all that space, and then download it through Steam. The MS Store release was incredibly, incredibly bad (due to how Windows permissions with MS Store stuff work) and Steam largely avoids those issues.

Only caveat: If you've started playing PSO2 already, you'll have to go through a relatively annoying process if you want to link your MS Store version to your Steam version (so you can keep playing the same chars). If you haven't played yet though, or you don't care about restarting your characters on Steam, then you can ignore that and just start fresh on Steam.

Yeah I'd recommend either just using steam or using the download option for the pso2 tweaker that doesn't use the Microsoft Store itself to install it (the tweaker website has instructions for installing, and how to allow it to purge all the MS Store installations from hogging space on your computer that are hard to delete). The Microsoft Store version will just give you problems.

I had to have multiple versions of PSO2 on my system as I transitioned from the MS Store to Steam. Recommend going with the Steam version, I've had no issues with it since I changed over and linked the accounts, followed by dumping the MS store version as soon as was possible.

I haven't tried the Tweaker stuff yet, but with Steam functioning with no problems I see no reason to bother.

Yup. I tried the MS store version. It took three tries to get it to download and launch. Then I played it once and it deleted itself. So I noped outta there so hard. I didn't even try again until after it had been on steam for a month or two. Downloaded and played steam version no issues. So as we are all saying. GET STEAM AND DOWNLOAD IT THERE YOU WILL THANK YOURSELF LATER! XD

Well... as someone that played the Vita version on JP and really miss having the ability to log on with Vita... I have to admit PSO2 performed like garbage on it. Performance on it is so bad that VIta has it's own section for weekly Time Attack rankings that is often more than double the time it takes on normal ranking. And oh, you are stuck with the 2 action/button input system. I mainly just used it for managing playershop, auxiliary(support partner), crafting, and gathering.

Sony has already stopped making new units for the vita, it is not getting much support anymore.

Hey there! I think that I can also share in your frustration many of us have experienced the same , In terms of installing PSO2 thru the MS store alongside a host of problems , I really do feel your pain. If it wasn't already suggested, Arks layer has the PSO2 Tweaker, Which works beautifully and may resolve many of your issues. And hey, hang in there - It will all be worth it.