Used Costume Tickets from Scratch Ticket but they arent appearing.

Idk much about this game so im sorry if this is a stupid question but I got a bunch of consumable accessories and costumes from the scartch tickets (I remember there was like a scarf and some outfits) but after i used the tickets theres nothing in my storage or inventory. Please help I dont know where to find it or if ive lost it all forever. It was the same kind of tickets like the sonic hairstyles.

Costumes appear in your costume menu in the beauty shop ­čÖé

Go to the Salon or use the Fashion menu to equip accessories and things like basewear. Once you use the ticket, they are added as selectable for your character. The accessories are not items (thankfully). Outfits and outerwear are items.

Will the scratch tickets be available in PSO2 new genesis? Oh the outfits and cast parts from the original PSO2 are still available you just have to go to the salon