I dont understand why PSO2 has player limits on each block.

Episode 6 is coming and if you want to farm with random players in triggers its very hard since a lot of people are using triggers in full blocks which we free players can access to i wish SEGA will do something about this player limit in blocks. If i am wrong please tell me if there is a reason that they put player limit on each block.

Player limits are there to encourage people to use multiple blocks (otherwise tons of people would probably just flood into a single block), and blocks exist to keep strain lower on the server. As you put more players into a single space in any kinda networked game, server strain (data usage, cpu, etc) is going to increase exponentially, and you can mitigate that by separating the population into multiple groups. That basically applies to anything where a player interacts with everyone else in a zone, whether it's sending a chat message or a player running around and that movement being shown on everyone's screens, etc. You can see the same kinda thing in other online games too, like when a new expansion comes out FF14 will sometimes throw up multiple instances (blocks) of cities (like lobbies) with player limits for the same reason (alongside outdoor zones too, but that's besides the point here) as the population erupts.

I can definitely see how it would feel bad for a free player though, and it would be fairer if there wasn't a Premium overflow that could basically lock free players out of a chance of entering a block, but at the end of the day it's a F2P game and they've gotta entice people to spend money on it. Maybe you can get into an alliance or a group chat that does a decent amount of triggers?

It's probably worth mentioning that in what we've seen of NGS, they've confirmed that there'll still be player limits on all outdoor zones like in PSO2 (despite being open world), so I would expect that the block system would stick around in the lobby city/cities in NGS too.

@Akonyl Great thanks for the massive information you given me i now understand why they cant put everyone in a signle block. Big Thanks!

I actually like the block system, for the listed reasons above.

I played online games that didn't have this and once you get a lot of players in a single area, it bogs everything down to the point where you can't do much of anything, not even lowering game/graphics settings helps in that situation.

Less congestion, the last thing you want is 200 people in a small space, choking your pc/xbox to death.

Trust me you DO NOT want a lot of people in the lobby at once.

@JearimGaming200 I hear JP has labels on their blocks which I hope they institute for us too at some point. This would help coordinating with randoms as you could designate a couple blocks to Triggers, a couple to Buster Quests, a couple for fashion shows, etc. I don't believe gameplay in those blocks is restricted, it just increases your odds of finding likeminded players.

lag.png This is what will happen if congestion occurs...

@Cakewalk You win an EQ? seems good to me

@Alun said in I dont understand why PSO2 has player limits on each block.:

@Cakewalk You win an EQ? seems good to me

We deserved a win for that lv10 base alone, but yeah when that happens you can pretty much afk.

I wouldn't mind if they could implement joining other parties and groups from other blocks without switching blocks.

You dont understand why there is a limit to each block. The post above this is a complaint about frame issues probably due to too many people in the same block.