"Additional stats" help

There are these base stats that increase things like your Melee attack, Technique attack, and Ranged attack simply as an added bonus. Now, I've been putting Extensions on a piece of armor that looks more for cosmetics. Now the thing is, the "Additional stats" for that piece is +10 only, where as the other piece of armor I originally had gave me +40 to each stat. Is there a way to increase that? Make it better and not as bad as it is? Thanks in advance.

Not quite sure what you're referencing, but I'm guessing you mean the inherent stats on a unit that boost your attributes?

If so, unless it's a unit that has the ability to upgrade rarity (ivlida, ofze, starquake, etc) there's not much purpose to putting that much effort into it - better to work on getting a 12* set and work on that.

If you mean stats such as your defenses, hp, pp, etc, then you'll want to look for augments to affix stamina, spirit, the various wards and such. Deftness can raise your dexterity stat, toughness/reflex/genius raise your defenses to melee/ranged/technique , respectively


Right here specifically, the part where it says additional stats, I was hoping to increase those.

Also extensions I'm quite certain do not upgrade off of the original stat of the armor before, if it's too high level, it actually causes the armor to become a lower armor rating, pretty sure.

Extending Units strips them of their unique stat boosts (with the exception of thier set bonuses), and are instead all standard to the extension level of the recipe type. Most extension levels are just basic defense stats and some HP/PP, though there are some special recipes that add higher HP, PP, or special resistances; however, none add any PWR outside of augments.

Here's the chart that shows the stats for each extension level, as well as for the special recipes:

Screenshot_2020-12-02 Equipment Extension.png

So basically to answer your original question, there is no way to increase those "additional stats" parameters through extension, rather, you can only do so through augments.

Alright, thank you very much. Now I understand this is off topic but I would rather not make another forum to waste time, would a weapon with an EXP boost affect my Auxiliary?

@tojake2 It would not. Auxiliary leveling is purely a function of the EXP of the orders, modified by their search success rate.

Dang, alright. Thank you once again for your help, and a quick response!