Can we get proper item descriptions yet?

It's the end of the year and nearly the end of the story. It's not like the server isn't successful, so why not replace placeholders that amount to "This is an item" with their proper text already? I don't see why we still don't have them when we've been getting translated units this whole time.

I'm just here hoping we get proper desciptions on EP6

I hope EP6 will address this too. If they didn't, I fear the possibility of they ignore this altogether would be larger.

I mean, NGS will take away interests of a great number of people from the original. If they are to fix this with part 2 of EP6, then the only significant period that the item descriptions will help people will be from the start of EP6 part 2 until the release of NGS. I'm not surprised if they made the decision to cut the cost there.

@Fiona-Respha If I'm being cynical, EP6 P2 is probably the optimal time to mass release all the QoL stuff like that and the story archive thing. You pad out the time between that and NGS with minimal effort and the game ends on a high note. You also get older players possibly returning to check it out and maintain the population when you could otherwise have people just dip and wait for NGS after the content reaches parity. Of course, that also depends how many people are holding onto their money like me until the content disparity (items/weps, NPCs, event chronicle, descriptions, etc) is addressed or NGS proves to match the JP server.

Please, SEGA, add the item descriptions. And thanks for some of the recent spelling corrections, though there still are some. For example, the menu option to abandon a quest is still incorrectly called "Quests Abandoned" rather than "Abandon Quest".

As always +1 to this request. I know it'd be a bit of an undertaking to dump and import all the text into a list to pass onto a translation team but these lazy descriptions continue to look pretty unprofessional.

Especially with the weapon camos that work for multiple weapon types since it only says one of the weapon types.