Uq hardmodes.

Hobestly for me its gotten a bit annoying that ever since dragon they've taken away the rematch/hardmode after the urgent and moved it to an RNG drop. This may be what they did on jp as well I don't know but with personas terrible drop rates (at least for me) not being able to hit up hardmode everytime he comes around is annoying.

Not every UQ has had a hardmode after it though?

@Vexation since dragon luther apprentice and persona have had hardmodes only available through triggers.

Yeah, I'm not really happy about the change either. I get that they did it to encourage you to play with Alliance / Friends, but they could have also done that by making it a guarantee to get the trigger each time you complete the UQ successfully while it's currently active as an Emergency. That would still give you a slight encouragement to use the Trigger with friends, but not tie it to an RNG drop.

I did half a dozen Persona runs the other night, and walked away with one Trigger from it all. Hard Modes really shouldn't be tied to RNG like this.

Ahh I see. I thought you could buy the hardmode eventually after episode 6 comes though? Is RNG the only way to get it at all?