Ragol Pack 3?

I get why the current is being phased out, given how AC "pre-purchase" Tickets are being phased out. Are we gonna get a replacement?

We may get an announcement on the 19th during the live broadcast. That's 1 day before the 20th anniversary of PSO2.

Oh yeah, the AC scratch ticket part of those packs. Why hadn't I made that connection? 😅

Ragol Pack 1 was concluded because $37 worth of premium and AC tickets for $30 was too much of a good deal. At the time they decided to keep the tickets for Ragol Pack 2 so it's possible they'd just switch those out and put the premium back in? Personally I'd hope not since the Buy Premium campaigns seem to be regular enough that anyone on top of those doesn't need extra premium, but it would be better than no Ragol Pack 3.

I'm hoping we get NGS ragol packs that are updated and more compatible with the new NGS features