Techter fun?

Is Techter any fun? How is it's overall dps and game play? Does it worth it or should I play something else?

The simplest answer to this is if you have the time, try it out - there's no penalty to trading classes and you can cap them all if you really want to.

The long answer is yes, it's super fun, but it takes a bit of work to getting it in high gear.
Techter is a lot like fighter in that it's technically more balanced for melee than techniques, but the class abilities that boost support techniques are the big draw and will make you very valuable in UQ parties. Their shifta has a crit boost, and their deband gives a pretty big boost to HP and defense. They also have the class skill reverser field, which gives you a permanent moon atomizer with a field that last I wanna say like 10 seconds, allowing you to move around the map to get people that would otherwise be out of atomizer range (the downside is that it's got a lengthy cooldown - 300 seconds if I remember correctly. I use it as a supplemental to moons , using moons as a backup if i'm on cooldown) The real fun is the combined techniques you get from Klaryscraze and Marlu - Force gets these, too, but Techter gets something Force doesn't as part of the package - the Big Bonk (Heavy Hammer). Heavy Hammer can be charged up to 2x for a single attack (about a 5s charge) and on my best hit I've done up to 850k in that single hit (average is around 225k for a full 2x charge, about 100k for a 1x charge, 25k for base Hammer strike). It's also a handy travel PA since the uncharged attack will yeet you across the field for a bonk. Normal attack with an average-affix (non-minmax, but decent) I do between 20-30k on a weak spot, 10-15k on non-weak/resist. The downside to Big Bonk and the combined techs is that you have to unlock them with client orders from Marlu and Klaryskraze, respectively, but neither one of them is terribly difficult provided you've got ex hard unlocked.

Techniques are moderate damage, you do some real elemental weakness damage with the right boosts, but I honestly don't use many techs outside of heals, buffs, and combined techs - rezandia being a personal favorite.

Wow! Thanks for the reply! Very appropriated!

@Martin-Cloutier No problem my dude. Hope you found it useful 🙂

I honestly prefer Bouncer's Jet Boots to Techter. I've heard that Bouncer's Jet Boots were what they had planned Techer to be.

Jet boots are super fun, too. Great for harassing fast-moving enemies lol break stance is also lovely