〔Ship 1〕Midnight Lotus > ACTIVE PLAYERS WANTED <


Our founder Iris started this great amazing Alliance Midnight Lotus. We have continue the Legacy of Alliance with our current leader Zeken.We are a laid-back social alliance that enjoy the game content together.

Midnight Lotus is looking for new active members on Ship 1. We are a friendly group of players who like to have fun in PSO2.

  • Do you like to farm for items? We have players who love doing those.

  • Do you like to lobby Chill? We also have players who enjoy doing those as well.

We are not a hardcore alliance by any means but we do run content and have UQ & Trigger grouping most times. We are very new player friendly as well. if you are new don't be shy to join us. we got Alliance members that have been around since the very beginning of the game are very knowledgeable in our alliance about classes and weapons in game.Each month we have Alliance events.That are casino night,trigger Quest runs,game night.

We have a active discord where we voice chat. If you're into taking screenshots we have plenty of that available on the Discord. Some of us are into anime and manga. We got whole section dedicated to that topic. so if that peeks your interest it's available. The link to the discord Alliance is available at discord.gg/mthKWVb

Once again we are Midnight Lotus and we hang out on Block 12. Feel free to come hang out with us.Feel free to get in touch with our current leader Zeken or Officer Metallica JOjO if you would like to join. You can contact us via in-game whisper chat or by sending a request through the Visiphone. Both of them are very active in game a lot. Or feel free to give us your PSO2 player ID committed below in a reply.

I want to thank you for taking the time to show your interest


Any chance for someone want to leech the photon tree and Persona trigger xD

I'm just looking for a casual group to have fun with though mostly play solo but willing to help when needed

we are like a family and we help each other out, play with each Members so on so forth. yes playing solo is fine many do but most if not all or very active with the alliance itself weather it idle chatter or partying up for triggers events ect .We're looking for active players that like to socialize with others in the Alliance. Getting to know your alliance mates is a big part the alliance and working together accomplish big goals. We do have a strict policy about leeching.

Midnight Lotus is looking for new active members on Ship 1. We are a friendly group of players who like to have fun in PSO2.