Can't find friend I friended from a challenge lobby

I was forming groups with people in the Challenge lobby, and after we had all left (and friended each other) we went back to the universal ship. Well the thing is, after I did that, I couldn't find them on my friend list in the Universal Ship! Why is this?? How can I find them? When I typed their Username ID and their player ID into the search thing at the Visiphone, that didn't work or give the results I needed either.

The "Universal Ship" system isn't the same as the "Challenge Blocks." With the Universal Ship System, you actually get paired with people from other ships/servers, not just your own. You cannot see friends you've added on a universal ship in your home ship:

alt text

Yeah, I eventually figured that out, thank you none the less for your help! But, why are there different ships? Is one ship just too small to host other people?

no is to not have issues with each ship, ships are servers so they separated the stuff that has no variable data into different servers while the others keep the variable data, also having in a different server reduces the load of connections if it for example all connections were directed into only 1 of then while it also host all the data of the players

@Jamesmor Alright, thank's a bunch, have a good one.

@tojake2 said in Can't find friend I friended from a challenge lobby:

@Jamesmor Alright, thank's a bunch, have a good one.

This is usually why bigger MMOs with a lot of data tend to host their dungeons/etc. on a special instance server. Final Fantasy XIV is a prime example of this. Mostly due to connections, but also because the mechanics of dungeons are easier to make inside of a special instance rather than in the open world.