Why suggest parties we can't join?

Quest counter=>Join Party with quest in progress => T:Festive Song for Winged Ones(XH)

"You are unable to join a party or accept a quest....."

Why bother even having it in the list? If I can't do it?

Are the developers even trying any more?

Also it drops me to the counter instead of the previous menu so I have to go through the menu structure again.

Severely bad design. Like most of the UI.

Again, are the developers even trying any more? Are there any testers? Designers? Anyone care about the game any more?

this is how it is in JP as well. menu structures were bad then, and devs just never changed it. remember, this is a localization of an old game. we get what we get. tbh i bet SEGA outside of JP doesnt really has any say in anything

SEGA is hiring, you wanna give it a shot?

The game is old, and many of the functions are outdated. The party system that is still being used was once useful back when there was no multiple block party matchmaking. It was useful for players to see what are all the quest being done in the block and to see if there's people actively running the quest they need (ei: Ultimates or AQ) so you are not just opening a MPA that no one will join. Yes it is obsolete and most of it will probably change in NGS.