Swap Swap 2 Color change pass for rappy suits doesn't work with Turkey

I'm guessing this might have something to do with this being a brand new event for the global version and it being an oversight, but I went to flip a spare Turkey Rappy to find it can't be swapped in Swap Shop #2 for a color change pass. As far as it says, it should be taking whatever rappy suits you have this.

Holiday and Mini Rappy Suits won't work for that exchange; the only ones that can be used are full-sized colored Rappy Suits. This is how it has been even on the JP server.

If they intend to keep it that way then maybe they should consider updating the wording then, probably on JP too for that matter. I dunno how the other newer events on JP are, but I know the new events for global have had a event shop like this. Now in my case, I've had a spare turkey suit or two, but if you were to actually blow your holiday tokens on one of those, with the idea you're going to exchange it, you'd probably be pretty mad to find out it doesn't work because it's not clarified anywhere. Could also be bad if someone bought one on the market with the same idea, especially if they weren't premium and can't otherwise resell it.