Xbox Game Pass Perks Announced

@Kenzen-Ssj5jedi me neither waiting and hoping I get one

@Ilúvatar Asking questions that have already been asked or can't be reasonably answered? Not in MY forums! Just kidding.

Still they're just giving away good stuff for a measly 2$ on your xbox gold membership. I think it adds up to a 40$ deal or something.

Also side note, the perks are Region Locked... you need a US or Canada Game Pass active.

@SgtRyanDavis88 I finally figured out how to check the perks, but only through the PC app. But since I know how to know I will just wait until it shows up.

@kyamell Oh you're one of those. If you are behind hurt about about this, you have problems and probably live a life of constant false accusing. With the angst it seems these Strictly PC players have about all of this, why would they want to sport Xbox gear on their characters? Making fun of PC players? You mean how PC players have done for years to console players? You wanna attack me personally because of it? You're just one of those who are mad you couldn't be first. And you all come in here with that pseudo-intellectual BS to justify your responses.

I was making a joke about them wearing the gear. So if you can't deal with it, too fking bad. Shove off.

@coldreactive said in Xbox Game Pass Perks Announced:

Or it's because people just don't want a shirt that is Xbox-Themed. Like me.

Someone gets it!