We welcome you Xbox and PC players to Senran Kagura Family. We are small and growing community that started off on steam from Senran Kagura Family Discord. We as a community love the Franchise as a whole that we want to spread the love of its community, lore and customization into PSO2. Here is some more Information

Name: Senran Kagura

Leader: TheDarkChaos (Player ID)

Manager(s): Lancer KC (Player ID) (looking for more Officers)

Type (Casual, Semi Casual, Serious): Semi-Casual,

Active Timezone(s): CST, EST or PST timezones. We are looking for all hours of the day! Alliance Requirements: Please have an Player ID name changed. If you don't know how and you join us we require you to change it! This is so we can easily identify you.

Alliance Description: We are an alliance based-on the hit Series Senran Kagura. I am the founder of Senran Kagura Family on Steam we've been in establishment for four years and we are expanding out love for the series with Senran Kagura in Phantasy Star Online 2. We welcome any an all players who know about the series; want to know more or are interested in Senran Kagura as well as Phantasy Star 2 in general. We have a few JP veterans that can teach you about the game as well. We aim to build a community to communicate, have fun, dungeon/raid or just hang out. Although we might be starting out and small, we are very chill and we welcome all of you in! Find us on PSO2 or Steam and we'll get you in.