Strange Decal found in the Salon

I'm actually not sure if this should be in the Bug Report section, so apologies if I make that mistake. Also english isn't my first language, so apologies for my weird grammar too.

Today I was deciding to get a new look for my character, since I haven't changed it in a while. Looking around at the decals I had available I noticed that one of them had no preview on the window menu. IMG_20201128_225228.jpg

It looked very familiar, so I searched around the other decals and there it was. IMG_20201128_225230.jpg

It's another variation of the Ritual Sticker. Unlike the Ritual Sticker A that has a pinkish color tone, this "error" version is completely red, so it can't be a repetition of the same sticker.

Does anyone else have this problem? Or perhaps any idea where it could have come from?

I have absolutely no idea where it came from, since I rarely go to the Salon. And even when I go, I rarely check the decals I have because a lot of the Outfits and Outwear I use don't show decals, or they are rather miniscule I don't bother changing it.

My theory is that I could have been one of the (new or old) FUN Scratch stickers that either got mislabeled or got bugged out by something else.

This really doesn't cause me any real problems, but I think that it need to be pointed out.

It's the Aika version (the item name is "Aika Sticker"), but I'm not sure why there's no preview for it. I have the same issue and I think there was someone else who had posted about there not being a preview for it, too, but I can't remember the user who did.

I see, so it's the Aika sticker. Feels weird that her sticker is just a replica of an existing one.

And I also didn't know that someone else already made a post about it.... Maybe I should have checked it beforehand.

Thanks for the clarification.

No problem. I think that post has been burrier, hence why I can't remember who exactly posted it, but it's just a weird situation since it's not named in the salon