I like a lot of the weapons, but these are just some that I like the look of especially -

  • Gunblade: Vraolet Zero
  • Sword: * Hyper Ninja
  • Rod: Red Processor
  • Launcher: Shot Legacy
  • Twin Machinegun: * Phantom Gun
  • Jet Boots: * Battle Boots
  • Soaring Blades: Nemesis Dual

As far as weapon aesthetics go, I can say that the trailblazer Xion series is my favorite looking weapon set ever. No need to hide with a weapon skin, it looks great without it

every single lightsream weapon.

Anything purple.

I tried to think of actual weapons and came to the conclusion I only use camos! I love the ones from Zig, especially partisan and sword. My favorite rifle in the game is just an old camo from pvp, it matches your outfit color and it shoots cheesy lighting bolts, love it. My favorite jetboots are stealthing and Phantasy Moon, so whimsical.

I just don’t like most of the actual weapons in the game, though I do like Nemesis and the Atlas Ex weapons are so shiny.

My favorites to have were the following:

@Milk Personally I don't many of the high tier weapons in the game as they don't look like actual weapons and they look more like toys or decorations. There are some exceptions with the high tier weapons weapons of course with things like the D-AIS Saber which is just a giant chunk of metal and no glowing or shiny parts.

@Jamesmor @NotWhoUThink I take it you two are waiting for the class's Order camos to come over as well then?

I constantly rock the Divine Staff of Amaterasu,

I also enjoy the look of the NOX wand though it could use a different colour other than neon popsicle pink/purple I feel.

@Redex There is an option with Dudu/Monica to change photon color. It would be nice to see the Nox as aweapon camo with different colors, too. There is a weapon series that uses the same form as the Leaf it the Autum Breeze camo with different colors. I like the Nox partisan myself.


Photon colour swap only works for certain series of weapons if I am not mistaken.



Photon colour swap only works for certain series of weapons if I am not mistaken.

It's any weapon with the little colored line in the lower left of the icon of the item's description:

alt text

Most of them look pretty ridiculous, especially the higher rarity weapons. Good thing camos exist. Simplicity is much better than some wannabe divine glow. Like the crea doubles from ethan is a perfect double sabre camo.

i despise the weapons, cammo and clothes that look as if from our time/setting.

I've LOVED the PS style since PSO on DC (i was a nintendo kid from the NES until the saturn dropped), and the neweer style with transparencies and clear alpha layers (much more than old Blue burst graphics, yes i modded BB) really are the ones i tend to like.

im currently rocking the apprentice/omega apprentice stuff on my hero with flowens sword skin on sword (thinking of transmute passing it tbh) or the D/sword skin. im struggling to find a Talis skin i like with only the invade/ophistia version holding any interest... twins im not fining a SINGLE one i like other than the nostalgia of dual birb or the scorpio skin for the sillyness.

but I am LOVING the Jutus/Lumiere stuff in an overall weapon style.

i just wish more gear had colour options especially clothing.

oh and the trailblazer series i find rather garish, i love the weapon style but the energy buts are waaaaaaaay too prominent and IMO should be 60/75% transparent. the profound series i actually really like too as they dont have the energy issue trailblazer has 😛

I am rather fond of the Lavis Cannon.