Hey guys I was wondering what all of you think are some of the best lookin weapons in the game any star level...? I'm curious because I'd like to do a few transmutations to some of my uglier weapons.

I just like Nemesis, cute fluffy angel wings! I normally just use weapon camos though.

Avenger cause Minigun/LMG hybrid. Although D-AIS Vulcan sounds super meaty and satisfying.

I have a set list of stuff that I transmute all weapons to, haven't finished yet though:

  • Sword: Lightning Espada
  • Partizan: *Siegmund
  • Wired Lance: ???
  • Double Saber: Black Nyoibo (not on Global yet), but I am considering PB Saber instead.
  • Knuckles: Martial Strikers
  • Twin Daggers: *ZodiacSign
  • Rifle: Astral Riser
  • Launcher: ???
  • Twin Machinegun: Dual Bird
  • Rod: Psycho Wand
  • Talis: ???, thinking Valiant
  • Wand: Lent Ornam
  • Katana: Lumiere Katana
  • Bow: ???
  • Soaring Blades: *ZodiacSign
  • Jet Boots: Weapon Stealthing
  • Harmonizer: Nemesis Barl
  • Gunblade: Automata Blade Mech Katar

Nothing is set in stone, but I just transmute everything to weapons that I think look the best.

The 14*'s that can drop in Dark Revelry. They so purple/blue which is one of my fave color combos

*Grim Assassin weapon camo, coming soon (https://pso2.com/news/announcements/r2e6twitterfb).

Body pillows /s

Me and my love of old PSO episode 1,2 and 4, I still find the Yas 9000 mechguns as one of my favorite looking weapons.

Also when I played on the JP server they had a black Chain Sawd weapon camo I really liked and wish SEGA would bring them over here to our servers.

Rappy weapons

I really like the Saint Kilda launcher and the Last Survivor sword.

Never mind the chainsawn skin bring back the actual chainsawd. And jutus varients is my favorite looking.

Alot of good feedback so far! I'm likening the looks of the profound weapons

all the first weapons, not only they are smaller than pretty much all weapons that come after they also have the ones that fit mostly with ARKS clothes

Not released yet on Global but Stil wand is one of the best wands IMO.

I stealth all weapons AND armor. Some of the fashion is pretty cool looking without further clutter.

I feel that simple is better.