I need some feedback on this

I need some feedback on this should I make this into Soaring Blades for Etoile class since you are not able to use techniques like resta ?


Well, are you going to be playing Soaring Blades Etoile as main? and by the way, lifesteal doesn't really work with Et or /Et - you always only get 1 HP back.

So would it be better on a different weapon like a assault rifle? If I wanted to play Phantom instead.

I’m not sure if it’s the same for Etoile or not, but for bouncer you want to use Jupiter Tullus for your soaring blades. They are head so and shoulders above every other sb, cause of the potential

I would personally suggest trying to upslot to seven or eight abilities. You can easily do this by putting in an S1 and an S2 so you have four guaranteed abilities and then have to work on finding a seven-slot weapon as fodder and an eight-slot weapon as fodder so you can increase your chances of success at getting an eight-slot weapon with four SSA's installed on it. Once you get four SSA slots you can easily swap them in and out with any SSA of your choice without completely destroying your affixes so if you want to play the Etoile you can swap the Lifesteal for something else (like the Partisan's efficiency) or so you can swap out raw damage multipliers with critical damage multipliers when the situation calls for it.

Yeah lifesteal doesn't work too great with Etoile. I have the lifesteal on my assault rifle which is what I turned my Atlas Ex into. Soley because I want to main Phantom Rifle. Then again I'll be able to heal myself so it's just more of a neat thing to have. If you use hero though it's nice to have on twin machine guns due to the firing speed.

Thanks for all your input I will probably go the assault rifle route. I'll push it to the seven-slot since we have a boost this week.

Good luck. I've been trying and keep failing to up slot mine. It's currently at 6 with four of them S augments.

I made it to 7 slots but 8 is a stone cold B.